Active Activism || Remote Interview with Hilary Hutchinson (Fly Lords)

I was able to interview Hilary Hutchinson, a mother, fly shop co-owner, guide, activist and gem of a lady where I learned more about her efforts in fighting against climate change. Here is the article I posted through Fly Lords Mag.​

Meet, Hilary Hutcheson, a fly fishing guide, a mother, a fly shop co-owner and a very active climate activist. Over a remote interview, I was able to ask Hilary a little bit more in her mission against global warming.

Katy: Tell me about yourself?

Hilary: I live in Columbia Falls, Montana, where I grew up. My daughters, Ella and Delaney are teenagers and I think they’re pretty great. I work as a fly fishing guide on the Flathead River system near Glacier National Park. I’m also a fly shop owner, writer, public relations professional and climate activist. I learned to fly fish with my sister and our buddies in junior high just by goofing off at the river in West Glacier. We were running the river in anything that floated, so we got good at rowing and reading water early on. Then I got a job at Glacier Raft Company doing odd jobs and babysitting the owners’ kids. In high school, I started guiding whitewater and fly fishing trips for Glacier, and continued guiding on and off for the following 22 years. And I’m still here, still digging it.