Wild Eats: Strawberry Shortcakes for Midsommar

This past weekend was Swedish Midsommar, and nothing rings in the solstice like a sweet strawberry shortcake. A number of years ago now, my cousin, Sara Aasum Hultberg actually won Sweden's top pastry chef with a strawberry shortcake being in her competition. We actually had rather an amusing story, in pastry school Sara specialized in chocolate and I went to a chocolate school in Canada, where I graduated with honours. After graduating, I was looking to start my own shoppe with the name Fika Chocolates, where after a bit of research, I found it already existed in NYC and Sara was moving there to work for them. I found a new name and continued for a number of years creating chocolate truffles, bon bons and swedish pastries; particularly strawberry shortcakes.


June seems to have a touch of urgency with day plans scribed and penciled in flush against the next, extra chores inside and out preparing for the season to come which will soon lead into autumn. Gardens are lush and full of early season harvests, ready for jamming, canning or in this case a perfect individual midsommar strawberry shortcake. I made a batch this weekend to celebrate at a surprise party I threw my younger sister.