Summer Days

As the sun sets, days are noticeably longer and a warm breeze fills the night up here in the north. Summer is a time where I am at my busiest, but also a time of restoration. Trout fishing becomes strictly top water, while rainbows slurp evening hatches of mayflies and yellow sallies. Days at the lodge between clients become slow, besides the usual maintenance and chores to prep for arriving guests, but there are moments to slow down and stop. To stop and take in the milky way as it pours itself into the night sky, to stop and take in the mountains plunging into valleys and to slow down to enjoy the unarmoredness and barefootness of summer days. Besides our Outback Camp with Northern Outback Adventures on the West Coast of British Columbia, summer around here is pretty easy. The generator is turned on for frozen margaritas, and the dock is full of excited dogs and boats with rods that perpetually stay tied up. Food is cooked over the fire or the barbecue, and evening soaks in the wood fired hot tub are a necessity.