Spiked Coffee Weather

Photo from Jesse Packwood

One of my favourite warm-me-up drinks is spiked coffee, especially as the season changes, layers are added and leaves begin to drop. This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, and despite this not necessarily being a head to tail recipe or a wild eat, it's one of my favourite spiked coffees. Over the last few years I have spent Thanksgiving up North on the river, typically with a cooler of local stinky cheeses, fancy crackers, ramen noodles and a jet boil. Sometimes we'd have a feast at a friends, but other years I'd make myself a charcuterie board a la river and start the percolator for some spiked coffee.


1/4 oz Irish cream liqueur

1/4 oz Hazelnut liqueur

1/4 oz Dark Creme de cacao

1/4 oz Vanilla coffee liqueur

1 cup hot coffee