Online Spey School Course no 1 | Lady Caroline

I am really excited to finally announce the pre-registration of the Online Spey School course no. 1 where we will be learning to tie the Lady Caroline, first mentioned in George Kelson's "The Salmon Fly", 1895.


W H A T I S A S P E Y S C H O O L ?

Attend one of Kate's Spey Fly classes without the travel. Courses will be run similarly with materials & hooks provided for one specific traditional pattern along with a step by step video talking about the history and tying tips. Unlike regular classes however, students will receive the fly they are learning as reference and as something to put in their personal fly box. Students will also receive a class consult over video chat to ask questions and show off their progress.  This course will provide insight on two of the hardest tying techniques, selecting appropriate materials and mounting mallard.

In the mid 1860's any learned salmon angler could mark the differences between Spey flies, Dee patterns and other river specific familial styles. Today the classification 'Spey fly' is misinterpreted for any fly swung on a double hand 'spey' rod.  Kate will deconstruct the assumptions surrounding Spey and the differences on what makes a Spey fly, a Spey fly.