Mini Interview with GGAC on competing at Spey-o-Rama

Left Single Spey

Spey-O-Rama at #ggacc April 26 - 28, 2019 | Meet the Competitors!

Excerpt taken from GGAC:

Kate Watson: @katywat guides for Northern Outback Adventures in remote British Columbia and can also be found tying beautiful classic Spey and Steelhead flies. Kate grew up in a hunting lodge in BC which shaped her into the conservation minded guide, fly fisher, and casting instructor she is today. This is Kate’s third year competing at SOR and we are excited to have her back - good luck, Kate!

GGAC: Besides competing for a world championship, what’s your favorite thing about coming to SOR?

Kate: This competition is the hardest Spey casting event in the world, with six minutes and three chances at four casts. You are humbled by the winds or lack of winds from mother nature, by the audience filling the grassy knoll, edging the pond with cameras and competitors from across the world watching your technique. However, it is also quite a wonderful phenomena. All of us casters are anglers, some even non-anglers, some of us work, some of us are retired, some of us are just fly fishing junkies living the guide life or managing fly shops, some don't share the same language, some of us are from the same country and some of us couldn't be further politically, fiscally or geographically; yet we all share one commonality- who can cast the piece of fuzz the furthest. Travis Johnson said it best that, "we are people with clearly too much time on our hands," but that is what makes this competition so emotionally voltaic. Until next month, you will find us all in different countries spread across our world, passing up fishing opportunities, dedicating hours upon hours to see just how far we can cast a little piece of antron yarn.

GGAC: What is a lesson you have learned from participating in SOR previously?

Kate: A lesson learned, is learn to say no to advice. The best part is how everyone wants to help, and just how well intended peoples advices are; however, it will make you doubt a year's worth of practice. That being said, some advice is critical- these are the best casters in the world after all, but some just won't fit with your style.