*Edit: Outside Magazine recently covered my blog post in June 2019, and unfortunately broke what I would argue journalistic ethics. Despite contacting the writer who interviewed me and the magazine themselves, there have been no changes. It was a negative piece, perpetuating call out culture, and included misinformed 'facts' and biased misguided quotes taken out of context or simple ignorance. They broke contract with several points and twisted my words, insinuating that I am anti-make up shots, when I have time and time again repeated that is not the problem; pink rods nor eye lash extensions will neither inhibit nor aid in catching fish, ever. That is not the problem. The problem is the obsession for Insta-fame, pro-staff fame and mistaking Instagram for industry.

'Talk low, talk slow, and don't say too much' -John Wayne

I've been struggling with this for quite awhile now; say anything and you are shamed, don't say anything and you are simply thinking what everyone else is thinking. I have been writing this blog post for nearly five months now, writing, deleting, revising, rewording, editing, and ultimately scrapping it into the draft bin (for fear of coming across as, for lack of a better word, a hypocritical asshole). Now with the recent post today from the New York Times and the rise of women in fly fishing, I figured maybe tonight would be a good time to dust this off, and pull it from the draft bin.

There is no denying that women have had it tough for a few centuries; and whilst I stand for all things female prowess, it's the ones making us look bad, that is really starting to bother me. Demographics in fly fishing are changing and this industry is starting to take notice. Now, women have been in this industry for far more than just a couple of years. Ladies, such as Lori Ann Murphy, Joan Wulff, Amy Hazel, Fanny Krieger and a handful more have been pulling their weight for far longer than I, or many new faces have been. They have pushed resiliently past the doubt, the naysayers and the critics. They have helped carve the path for modern women to enter this industry, and broken the stereotype which seem to only inhibit women in the industry and the sport. And even despite their great successes, negativity and scrutiny swirls around their achievements.