Holiday Gift Guide for your Fly Girl 2018

I've been asked to write this article over the last few years and I just never really knew how to go about it. We often get swept up in the business of the holidays and we forget that the real gift we should allow ourself to give is presence. There is a disconnect between what we need and what we feel we ought to give; often equating cost with the value of our love and carelessly interchanging quality for quantity instead. When I reflect on my most cherished holiday memories, they all revolve around togetherness. I grew up in a small country community, where we would spend the weeks leading up to Christmas crafting and baking small gifts for the few neighbours that lived down our road, as well as for our school bus driver and anyone that wanted our creations. We would fill one of our sleds and dawn a Santa hat and walk to each neighbours home, knocking on the door and presenting them with our gifts. Small, simple gifts, but thoughtful. As I've grown older, I watch people buy gifts out of haste, crossing names of their lists, as they fall into the pressures of 'simply getting it done'. This is not to say I do not like giving gifts, because I certainly do; it's actually one of my favourite things to do. I think this is why I loved baking so much, as there is an instant gratification of seeing someone smile, especially when it was thoughtfully curated. So as I write this list, know that these are products which I love, and which I believe would be great for your fly fisher in your life, but giving your presence, time and love will always be enough. Allow yourself to lie fallow in this season of business with your love, leaving the bustle in the shops and spending your moments outside soaking in the solitude.

1. Pladra Women's Peregrine Flannel

This shirt is on sale currently! I spend 90% of my time in flannel, and I've worn through enough of them to know which ones I love. From being on the oars, to chopping firewood, I need a flannel that will stand the rigger of life in northern British Columbia. I love that Pladra designs and manufactures their shirts in America, and has taken a modern spin on the classic American flannel. Plus the owner, Jeff, is wonderful to talk with.

2. Leatherman Multi-Tool

My mother, who is one of the sweetest people I know, equally has more knives than anyone I know. Growing up, she would give everyone a Leatherman knife on their graduation as a tool for their future. I still