#dozenfordownunder Auction

I've been asked to join the #dozenfordownunder auction on Instagram, auctioning off flies to raise proceeds for the fires down under. We’ve all been witnessing the traumas unfolding in Australia. Lives have been lost, wildlife, ecosystems, businesses, homes, belongings, livelihoods gone. The scale of loss is actually quite unfathomable. It was estimated that one BILLION animals were destroyed either directly or indirectly by the fires. one billion. Most of us don’t have a strong sense of what one billion really means, so let’s break that down; one million seconds is equivalent to 11 days whilst one billion is equivalent to 31.5 years. That’s the scale. 11 seconds versus 31.5 years. That kind of loss is too great to fully comprehend. It is staggering I’ve been asked to join the auction in bringing our community together once again after the #dozenfordorian auction. I am auctioning off 6 classic and variant steelhead skaters starting at $50 |end date: Monday January 20th|

Check on my Instagram @katywat to join