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Salmon Drift Trip

$2100cnd + licenses

Otherwise known as "Outback Camp," this trip resembles camping more so than lodge life; which also makes it the most popular trip of the year. Leaving each day from a wall tent camp, we drift a glacial melt river for chum, pink and coho salmon just entering the river system.

This trip consists of three days of waking up in a riverside wall tent camp with comfortable cots and wood heat, and eating a home made breakfast. With a short drive to launch the boats, we are on the water within 30 minutes from our site. Throughout the day we come across grizzlies teaching their cubs to fish, eagles soaring above and many other riverside critters. We drift the river, arriving back at our camp and have charcuterie boards and a cocktail waiting. There are clean public showers and washrooms nearby to wash up after a day of fishing. Dinner consists of wild game or seafood and dessert is often served around the campfire sharing stories of the day. 

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