• This is an online course where you can work at your own pace to learn these five patterns for steelehad. This course includes 5 videos for you to follow along which will talk about using brushes & craft furs, dubbing overlays, adding dumbbell eyes, tying on tubes, adding Jungle Cock nails, using rhea feathers versus ostritch, and how to even tye on a tube properly so you get more longevity out of your fly and keep the fish from unbuttoning. We'll go over the parts of a tube fly, how to do it on the cheap or if you're in a bind on a fishing trip, and what makes tube flies so versatile.


    This is a pre-registration only for the course, it will be coming out this spring in May. This course does not provide products or materials, but with 5 in depth videos allowing you to fill your boxes for spring steelhead

    Tying Tube Flies with Brushes: 5 Steelhead Patterns