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Gardener's Journal for Flowers

Designed for your garden

Designed to organize your ideas, thoughts, successes & not quite so successful attempts in one place so as your garden grows, your knowledge does as well. This garden journal was created with novice flower growers in mind, but can be used for long time growers who are looking to record their good practices and routines.  

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Created out of necessity to organize our own sowing schedules, succession schedules, seed supply notes, and garden layouts, this garden journal will allow for you to create more time, less wasted growing space and less money. 

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While you read over the journal, you will find twenty three pages consisting of:

Garden Vision
Garden Information 
Budget & Expenditures
Seed Starting Schedule
Seed Organization 
Seed Organizing for flower beds
Greenery & Foliage planting 

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Garden Layouts
Succession Planting Schedules
Seasonal Checklists 
Favourite Bouquet & arrangement recipes
Garden Wishlist 
Next Year's Plans
Garden Sources & Courses 
Gardener Inspiration

These pages are designed in that if you need more room to write, simply print another page off for your expanding garden dreams and design.

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