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Y o u r  F l y  F i s h i n g  L o c a l e


Steward of the West, gregarious in nature. 

Conservationist, guide, casting instructor,

fly tyer and continuous adventure seeker.

My Experience, My Passion

A B O U T   M E



Conservationist, wildlife steward, guide, fly casting instructor, competition caster and avid learner on all things historical and contemporary. Kate grew up in a hunting lodge in Northern British Columbia, which inevitably made her fall in love with everything wild. She was introduced to two handed rods and became enamoured with the north west steelhead culture. She eventually took to long lines and classic flies, blending tradition and contemporary techniques. 

Cariboo, British Columbia

W E L C O M E   T O   M Y   H O M E 


l e a r n  w i t h  M e



S P E Y   C A S T I N G  L E S S O N S

Double hand rods have become increasingly popular on the river today and found in nearly all Steelhead angler's repertoire. Schedule a session to learn the fundamentals of this cast, anchor placement, D-loops and when to fish skagit, scandi or long bellies. | $50 per hour

O N L I N E  S P E Y  S C H O O L

Join one of Kate's Spey tying schools where you will learn the craft on a new platform

S I N G LE   H A N D  L E S S O N S

Poetic, full of beauty and force, casting is a balance between speed, timing, precision and power. Schedule a session to learn the fundamentals of casting and to learn the art of the cast. | $50 per hour 


C o n t a c t   K a t e

Contact Kate to schedule a Spey casting lesson, to join her online fly tying school, for a hosted trip or a guided day fishing.

108 Mile Ranch, BC, Canada


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