• Kåsa or Kuksa is a classic Scandinavian wooden cup carved by the Sami peoples of Northern Sweden and Finland. Each cup is carved from birch with Sami traditions, creating durable and sustainable drinking mugs. These are two finger 'kåsor' mugs with a leather teather to tie to your pack. 


    With use, these mugs create their own patina from riverside coffe stains and weathered from backcountry adventures. They wil last you a lifetime with proper care, and are light enough to tie on your packs. Brew a pot of cowboy coffee to enjoy on your next fishing trip, or just around the house. 

    Kåsa Drinking Mug

    • The kåsa is treated with natural non toxic oils. Before using the Kåsa for the first time; cure it with hot coffee to get rid of any oil residue. Pour coffee, flush to the lip, into the kåsa and let sit for 24 hours. If you don’t, there is no harm to your health, but you might taste the oil in your first sip. After 24 hours, pour coffee out and wipe clean. Wash with warm water, but do not use soap or detergents to wash. Never place in the dishwasher.